Fat Treble Plus

Fat Treble Plus

“Fat, smooth and powerful”

The Treble Booster Plus gives 36dB gain and is the Fattest and most Powerful of our Treble Boosters. It is designed to evoke the rich powerful vocal-like tones of Brian May’s recorded sound from the late 1970”s Queen albums “News Of The World” and “Jazz”. On the frequency response graph, the TB Plus shapes it’s Boosted frequencies more towards mid range territory than the other Boosters, with it’s peak at approx 2.5K Hz and it’s top end smoothed off more than the TB Deluxe or TB Touring Pedals. For non-BM use, several of our customers have told us they like the TB Plus for producing Fat overdriven Rock sounds when using humbucking pickup guitars into bright sounding 6L6 or EL34 valve amps. The TB Plus is also very useful for adding punch and richness to single coil pickup guitars.


    • Gain: + 36 dB


$228.99 + shipping and handling

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