Phil Hilborne ‘Signature’ Fat Treble Booster

In Use:

Initially, we recommend that you try experimenting with each of the 3 basic Treble Booster settings in conjunction with the cut and level controls – Try this with a moderately dirty amp tone and you should be able to achieve a very focused lead tone. With a cleaner amp tone some classic rhythm tone can easily be found.

After you have a basic tone that you like then try any and all of the ‘Fat’ dip switches – Spend a fair amount of time experimenting as there are a lot of combinations possible that can achieve tones ranging from Jangly to Crunch to Classic Rock Dirt to full on Metal Sustain heaven!!
Finally, please note that it really is the combination of your basic amp tone combined with how high/low you set the level and cut and also the dipswitch combinations that make this pedal so very useful and versatile. It is worth noting that the pedal is also great for using with the guitars volume rolled off as the brightness is maintained.

Have lots of fun with it!

Phil Hilborne


$267 + shipping and handling

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