Treble Booster Touring

Treble Booster Touring

“Moderate Gain, a balanced sound with sweet harmonic detail and smooth treble definition”

The Treble Booster Touring is the booster that Brian May has been using for his live and recorded work since 1998. It gives 31dB gain, has a sweet rich harmonic character to it’s sound and gives good definition and detail even at full volume distorted amp settings. The TB Touring provides balanced rhythm guitar sounds as well as soaring lead guitar sounds, and as the guitar’s volume control is wound down the TB touring cleans up beautifully with sparkling rhythm sounds on offer.
Although designed initially for the Brian May Red Special style guitar, many of our customers have found that the TB Touring works extremely well with conventional single coil and humbucking pickup guitars when used with a range of different valve amps.

Recorded examples of this Treble Booster can be heard on Brian May’s 1998 solo album “Another World”, and on all his recorded work since 1998 including the 2008 Queen + Paul Rodgers album “The Cosmos Rocks”.


    • Gain: + 31dB


$228.99 + shipping and handling

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