Optima Strings

Optima Strings

Optima Gold represent the ultimate development in music strings..

Formerly known as Maxima, Optima prides it’s self on unequalled quality control and flexibility to meet the customer’s needs.

Hand wound using traditional techniques, the strings produced in the small Bavarian factory easily surpasses the feel, tone and look of many, if not most other well known string brands.

By using 24 carat gold to plate the Guitar and Bass Strings, many benefits are achieved without any compromises to the quality of the string.

Gold plating ensures the following benefits:

  • A greatly extended life
  • Excellent sustain
  • Perfect intonation
  • A Brilliant tone for far longer
  • A look that will greatly enhance your guitar

With the combination of specialist winding techniques and the natural properties of pure gold, an extremely comfortable and unique playing experience is guaranteed while maintaining the feel of a traditional string.

Sweat, rust, dust and other string killers are not an issue for Opitma Gold.

Making them perfect for both heavy users and collectors alike…

String up, play and convert..

You deserve the best.

Optima Strings - Available exclusively at www.castlerocks.ca

Brian May, on Optima Gold..

As guitarists, and (guitar techs!), we are always looking for a trouble-free life.

The greatest thing you can ask of a guitar string is not to have to worry about it.

In the Old Days, it was a lottery – sure, many times when you put a new guitar string on, you would get a good sound.

But then you would be wondering how long the thing was going to keep it’s crispness, and if it might be the one which was going to lacerate your hand because it’s winding wasn’t quite finished right, or if it would be the one with a weakness, making it snap right in the middle of your most passionate bend!!

Yep – I used to worry, These days, I don’t, Optima Strings have such great quality control, you simply do not get duds.

Every one goes on and gives you a guaranteed zing, which LASTS, until the string is retired because of old age!

And the Gold plating – which might seem at first glance to be a luxury – is in fact an economy.

The gold keeps those gremlins out and disappointments are a thing of the past.

Why Optima Strings? No Worries!


Brian May


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