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  • Brian May

My name is Simon Castle and I am very, very proud and excited to be the first and only Exclusive Canadian Distributor for all of these ‘thunderously awesome rock products!’ It’s been such an honour to have worked with and now, to be representing; Brian May, Pete Malandrone, RollingStone Magazines New Line of Guitars, Optima Strings, Greg Fryer and Mr. Phil Hilborne here, for the first time in Canada.

These are the all New Models of the ‘Brian May Signature’s.’

  • All featured colors are available.
  • The New ‘RHAPSODY’ 2015 Acoustics with the New Fishman Electrics are available.
  • And be-hold the mighty, ‘Brian May Supers’, are back in production and now available.

CastleRocks also has the New Line of Amazing Guitars from the one and only RollingStone Magazine, which has been lovingly produced by the good people at Tokai Guitars.

CastleRocks is also very excited to be bringing Optima Gold and Chrome Guitar/Bass Strings to Canada in a major way.

  • Which of course includes the amazing ‘Brian May Gold Strings’ by Optima.
  • And... CastleRocks is proud to have facilitated the, Mr. Randy Bachman from B.T.O with his own ‘Signature Randy Bachman’ pack of Optima’s in the Chrome

CastleRocks has all the ‘Greg Fryer’ Tone Stations, which helps complete that truly awesome Brian May / massive arena sound.

If you have ever wanted to obtain something unique, that’s not sold in all the big chain stores, you’ll find it here!! Perhaps you want that Classic “Brian May” sound or, perhaps you want to create your own amazing, distinct, powerful tone that will get you, or your band finally noticed, you’ll find it here!!

Aaaand exclusively here at CastleRocks, is my ‘Guitar Tech Phone Support’. With every purchase from CastleRocks comes my, ‘Over the Phone or Email Tech Support’. Pete Malandrone and Stewart Monks, two of England’s greatest Guitar Techs were always there for me on tour... So I, shall be here for you guys.

Behold the Power of solid, real, classic rock sounds Canada….

But, most importantly…

Rock On!!!!

Simon Castle